My name is Ani, and I’m a twenty-something year old Australian-based doll collector.

My introduction to the BJD scene occurred some time in early 2008 when I attended a Sydney pop culture convention and saw a large table with a curious display of dolls in a variety of outfits and poses. I remember the first actual BJD I laid eyes on being a charming boy no taller than my calf dressed as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. I was amazed at the almost spookily accurate makeup and costume! I asked the volunteer at the table what they were for and he introduced me to the BJD hobby, explaining all the terms, throwing bizarre terms like ‘Volks’, ‘Dollfie’ and ‘Dream of Doll’ at me. Of course, I was mystified, so I resigned myself to simply enjoying the view.

A friend would later introduce me to her own BJD, a DoD Vampire Elf Kirill, and invited me to a few meets where I learned more about the hobby. I was always intimidated by the price, so it would be a while before I finally obtained the first of many dolls. That didn’t stop me from going through websites and picking out a grail for myself, though! My flatmate introduced me to tinies, which have since become my size of choice.

I bought my first doll in January 2012 and have been obsessed ever since. I’ve started doing my own faceups (poorly), made my own clothing (with varying levels of success), and explored the possibility of becoming an agent for the Australian BJD scene, as well as using 3D printing technology to create my own line of props and wearables, like armour, ears and the like. I have also become active in the New South Wales BJD community, attending meetups and frequenting the Australian BJD forum Paracosm as well as Den of Angels, and assisting with the startup of the NSW Doll Hotel and Doll Social Club.

To date, my collection has exploded to over thirty dolls in varying sizes from several different companies, in both resin and vinyl, and the doll family is ever growing as I discover new companies and fall in love with different sculpts. I truly believe that the doll hobby is the friendliest and most accepting hobby to be a part of, and I’m loving every minute of this crazy ride.

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