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    Open for business!

    So, I’ve finally gotten around to making this half of my complete website. Until recently I was only displaying my game mods, but given the fact that I’m a lot more active in the BJD community, I felt it would be more appropriate to start a doll-related site to properly showcase my crew and modifications.

    I’ll also be doing company reviews as I make new orders, from both companies and agents, as well as sharing tutorials, tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the last two years, and once I feel that the quality is up to scratch, I will also be sharing my doll photography!

    Given that I’m still establishing this site and am still working out the kinks, my updates will be once a month starting from Monday February 8th, and for the most part will be company reviews and general blog/news posts until I’m able to properly devote time to working on this site, as I’m actually working on two different sites (this one, and the rebuild of my game mod website, which will basically be the same as this one, but with different content), as well as working full time and planning a wedding. A bit of a wild ride, but I’ll get there!

    To get the ball rolling, my first addition to the site is my review of my very first order from FairyLand. I probably will avoid posting another review for a couple of weeks just to get some variety going.

    Thanks for reading!

    ~ Ani ♥