#1 – FairyLand

My very first brand new doll!

Company: CP/FairyLand
Company Location: South Korea
What I’ve ordered: PukiPuki Pukisha (Basic), sleeping faceplate
Other items ordered in the past: PukiFée Dony Swallow (limited)


I’ve always been incredibly intrigued by Fairyland dolls, having first caught the bug off my best-friend-slash-ex-flatmate, who owns a PukiPuki Sugar named Caramel. Before that, I’d never heard of Fairyland, nor had I ever thought that BJD’s could be so incredibly tiny yet still so detailed.

I have always been a huge fan of cats, both real and anthropomorphic, so it’s only natural that I fell in love with the Pukisha sculpt immediately, and upon hearing late 2013 that they were indefinitely stopping their work on the PukiPuki sculpts, I panicked and placed an order for a Pukisha of my own.

The wait was agonising. This was the first doll I’d purchased outright so I wasn’t used to the wait times. I was given the standard forecast of 40 business days to make it. Unfortunately, due to some unknown reason, that wait time extended well into 60 business days, and during that time I received no updates, nor any explanation as to why there was such a delay. When I contacted them to ask what the delay was, I was assured that everything was under control and that my order would be sent ‘next week’.

I was told this three times. And I was not offered an apology at any point.

Eventually my Pukisha was shipped out to me, and amongst my crazy family I unboxed her. I suppose the wait was actually worth it, because she came to me in perfect condition. Her stringing was spot on and she poses like a dream. Her resin is free of blemishes, and would be as smooth as a baby’s butt if not for the seam lines, which aren’t even that noticeable anyway. The faceup on her open-eyed and sleeping faceplates are charming and masterfully done. She was packed so securely that I wonder if it were even possible for air to get into the box!

On top of that, I received what I assume to be a bonus Christmas gift- a beautiful FairyLand calendar for 2014, filled with gorgeous photos of their dolls.

Overall, I was actually quite happy with the transaction, even despite some customer service hiccups. I got exactly what I paid for, and I could not be more thrilled with her.



Wait Times: ★★☆☆☆
Customer Service: ★★☆☆☆
Product: ★★★★★
Would I order from FairyLand again? At this point I would not order direct from Fairyland again. I ordered my Dony through Denver Doll Emporium on layaway, and despite the layaway being four months, I managed to complete the layaway well before Fairyland shipped the order to DDE- the order was placed in December 2014, and as of March 2015, she still hasn’t even been shipped to DDE. At least the layaway is helping with the wait!

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